A celebration of the sea at Masterworks

News  |  October 28, 2014

There is a sea-fever raging at Masterworks. A marine show with paintings, sculpture and photography are on exhibit in this celebration of all things of the sea. There is a prize at stake — a magnificent one too — called the ‘The Serjeant's Cup for Marine Art', donated by St Peter's Church and originally given to the St George's church for their 400th anniversary by the Serjeant of the Vestr... Read more

St Peter’s Church to receive grant

News  |  May 20, 2014

St Peter's Church in St George will remain open as a tourist attraction after the Bermuda Tourism Authority agreed to provide the historic building with a grant. There were concerns that the church, the oldest surviving Anglican church in continuous use outside the UK, could be forced to close to visitors because of a lack of funds. The attraction is open seven days a week, and pulls in more t... Read more

A great ambassador for St George’s and Bermuda

News  |  April 7, 2014

Dear Sir, Once more I write to your column, only this time a more happy occasion but sad at the same time. I would like to give recognition to a very special lady. Her name is Edith Clair Spencer from St George's, but was better known as Clair. She sadly passed away recently at 89 years young. In my estimation, Clair Spencer is truly a St George's Icon. Clair for many years was the organist... Read more