Dear Sir,

Once more I write to your column, only this time a more happy occasion but sad at the same time. I would like to give recognition to a very special lady. Her name is Edith Clair Spencer from St George’s, but was better known as Clair. She sadly passed away recently at 89 years young.

In my estimation, Clair Spencer is truly a St George’s Icon. Clair for many years was the organist for St Peter’s Church, where she always played with grace and professionalism. At the same time she was curator of the church and it’s long history with the old town.

On a regular basis Clair would give daily tours of her beloved church explaining in detail of the many bits of history of St Peter’s such as its collection of silverware that’s used only for special services and the amount of Bermuda Cedar that was used throughout the church. She would also explain the graveyard at the left side of the church and its long history with St George’s, and the many important people that lay buried there.

Until Clair’s retirement a few years ago, her job was everything, which brought much happiness into her life, along with her family, to which she was so proud of each of them.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Clair for some 25 years. With every trek I made to St George’s over the years, whether it be business related or pleasure, I would always stop and have a chat with her.

While talking, sometimes, our little chat was put on hold, so she could give a tour to some visitors. I would sit and bare witness to her warm smile, her informative voice giving the vast history of St Peter’s, whilst at the same time also giving the directions for the special areas of her town, such as what to see, good restaurants etc.

You could hear the visitors talking about how nice Clair was as they left the church, of course following Clair’s suggestions.

Clair made so many friends over years, from all walks of life, from Royalty to the man in the street. Later on visitors would start sending cards and letters to her, from which many close relationships began.

When any of these visitors returned to Bermuda for their second or third trips or more, Clair and St Peter’s Church were first on their list to see. What a true ambassador for St George’s, also for all of Bermuda.

May I suggest to the Mayor of St George’s Mr Garth Rothwell and the town’s Aldermen, and also to the people of St. George’s, that a statue or bust of Clair be designed and made. Then be placed near, or in, her beloved St Peter’s Church in her memory, for each returning visitor and residents of Bermuda to view.

Clair was a true Christian lady, she wore her saviour on her sleeve and had all of Bermuda’s people in her heart. You can’t find the likes of Edith Clair Spencer everyday. If you knew Clair like me then you are a much better person today for doing so. Amen.

Let’s do it.

Rest in peace my dear friend.

Love you,