Planning your visit

Every year over sixty thousand people come to St Peter’s Church from all over the world.  We want you to feel welcome, whether you come to worship or pray on your own or merely to experience this historic place. Volunteers are present to greet you, provide you with brochures and answer any questions you may have. For children of primary school age, a Discover St Peter’s sheet is available which is a fun introduction to some aspects of the church and churchyard. St Peter’s is located in the heart of the Town of St George close to the town square and within easy distance of all of the town’s other major attractions, including the Unfinished Church. 

Opening Times
Monday – Saturday 11:00 am – 3:00 pm year round 

Sundays except for worship
Christmas DayBoxing Day (26 December)
New Year’s Day
Public Holidays 

A $2 donation per person is requested as we believe this beautiful historic building should be available to all. Old places need a lot of expensive upkeep. This $2.00 donation will help us with the costs of maintaining St Peter’s and keeping the church open for future visitors

Please Note

There may be times when access to some areas of the church are restricted due to weddings, funerals or other services or events. Please contact the church office if this might be a concern.


Street parking for cars in St George’s is generally limited to 1 hour and is paid parking.  The closest car park is just beyond the town square on the waterfront.   All day parking is free there, as well as at Tiger Bay car park which is also located on the waterfront just before you enter the town itself.  From there it’s a charming five minute walk to the church.    Mopeds may park for free in designated moped parking spots.  Offshore visitors remember – we drive on the left in Bermuda!


St Peter’s is famous for the twenty six steps that lead up to the old cedar doors.  For those who find stairs difficult, and for wheelchair access, level access into the church is available from Church Lane behind the church. 

Group tours

Groups are most welcome to visit our church.  We recommend that you let us know when you are coming to avoid any scheduling conflict.  Please call the Parish Office on (441) 297 2459 or Email   A guided tour for your group can be available if requested in advance. 

School Groups

St Peter’s is a very popular destination for groups of school children learning about their island’s history.  We are delighted to offer a short presentation on St Peter’s which also reflects aspects of Bermuda’s history if requested in advance.  Students should be supervised by an adult or, in the case of large groups, several adults.   Please call the Parish Office on (441) 297 2459 or Email


Visitors are welcome to take photographs for personal use. Photography is not allowed during services and no commercial photography is permitted inside the church or in the churchyard.