During the 1950’s, the population of the Wellington district of St George’s, which was predominantly black, had increased and “no less than 130 families in St George’s West, Wellington and Ferry Road were financial supporters of St Peter’s Church.” 

Bermuda at that time was a segregated society so the Wellington children had not been attending St Peter’s Sunday School and clearly needed a hall in the St George’s West area.  In 1959 a generous legacy enabled the vestry to purchase a building and lot of land just outside the Town of St George.

In 1959 the first service was held at St Peter’s West with a good congregation present.  In January 1960 the Sunday School marked its first anniversary with a service held at St Peter’s, the Parish Church.  A very impressive procession from St Peter’s West to the Parish Church and back was led by students and teachers of the Sunday School.

Recent years have seen a dramatic decline in attendance and the Sunday School no longer exists.


The church is currently on hiatus.

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