The Parish Church, St Peter’s

Bermuda is divided into nine parishes, eight of which are named after the English nobility and merchants in the court of James I who funded the expeditions which colonized Bermuda.   St George’s Parish, however, takes its name from England’s patron saint and Sir George Somers, the Admiral who was shipwrecked off Bermuda in 1609 while leading a supply fleet bound for the settlement in Jamestown, Virginia.

In 1612 the Virginia Company initiated the settlement of Bermuda with the creation of the town of St George.  Central to the life of the community was the building of a wooden church, the intentional planting of the Church of England in the New World.  That wooden church, rebuilt several times, eventually in stone, and dedicated to the Apostle St Peter in 1826, was the birthplace of Christian worship in the islands of Bermuda.

As well as St Peter’s, the Parish Church, the Anglican Parish of St George contains two chapels, Chapel of Ease and St Peter’s West, and the Unfinished Church

History and Visiting

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Worship and Occasions (Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals, Confirmation)

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Edith Clair Spencer Hall

The Spencer Hall is available for hire, both for regular meetings and for individual functions, such as baptism parties, children’s birthday parties, anniversary celebrations and viewings.  There is a fully equipped kitchen.

Access from street level includes several shallow steps. The hall is not air-conditioned and smoking is not permitted.

For information about hall hire fees and availability please contact the Parish Office on (441) 297 2459 or Email

Thrift Shop

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure and the Thrift Shop offers the community of St George’s a range of second hand items at rock bottom prices. It is run and staffed by volunteers.

The Thrift Shop is located in the old Hearse House on Church Lane which runs along the back of St Peter’s. It is open on Saturday mornings.

If you wish to donate any items to the Thrift Shop, please leave them at the church office between 11am and 3pm Monday to Friday, or drop them off at the Thrift Shop on Saturday mornings.

St Peter’s Cemetery

Unlike many other cemeteries in Bermuda, St Peter’s still has room for new vaults. If you have questions regarding the acquisition of a grave, either new or re-issued, please call the Parish Office on (441) 297 2459 or Email


If you are researching your family history please be aware that we only we only keep those birth/marriage/baptism/burial records that are in use or have most recently been in use – that is back to the early 1980’s. Whatever records the church possessed prior to this are stored with either the Bermuda Government Archives or the Bermuda Registry General for proper storage and preservation. Please use the links below for more information.