Weddings, Blessings, Thanksgivings and Renewal of Vows in St Peter’s and the Unfinished Church

A wedding is one life’s most significant mile-stones and will be remembered for the rest of your life. It is the occasion of a public declaration of love and commitment, of celebration and festivity, but also of solemn contemplation and reflection on commitment, faithfulness and loyalty.  

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Weddings in St Peter’s and the Unfinished Church

The most popular wedding months are April, May and June when the weather is generally very pleasant in Bermuda.   It can be very hot and humid in August and September; the possibility of rain is greater and there is no air-conditioning in St Peter’s.   Traditionally, weddings are not performed during Lent – the 6 weeks before Easter, or Advent – the 4 weeks before Christmas.

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Blessing of a Marriage

If you have been legally married in a civil, usually private, ceremony, you may wish to have your marriage blessed in church wedding.  This is becoming increasingly common so that a couple can have a service and celebration with their circle of family and friends.

Thanksgiving for a Marriage or Renewal of Vows

Many couples wish to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary with a service of Thanksgiving for a Marriage. For other couples, a service for the Renewal of Vows may be appropriate.

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Our recommended wedding planner is Amore’.